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"The Business Gets The Best Of You And I Get The Rest Of You"...

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Hi!  I'm Kelly Clements and in 2004 I stumbled on a "secret" that began to unravel the way I looked at entrepreneurship.

It seemed obvious to me, a newbie in the coaching industry, but the more I spoke about it, the more I realized I was the only one who was seeing this seemingly obvious truth.  I knew I was on to something so I got to work on understanding this secret.

Fast forward through 14 years, thousands of clients, and my own personal experience and this secret is now available to all.

The secret I discovered is this..

The love relationship is the most powerful factor in maximizing business success. Yet, too often, these two crucial aspects of life are at odds with each other.

I became OBSESSED with learning what made some entrepreneurial couples thrive, while others barely survived. After years of surrounding myself with power couples who prioritized their relationship, I have identified the three most important strategies of thriving entrepreneurial couples.   And 100% of the time, these three factors will change the game in your marriage and your business.

They are The Power of Play, Praise, & Purpose.

This revelation is based on ONE simple belief:


Experience The Power Of Play, Praise & Purpose
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